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2021 Season


Hello Chatsworth Chief Family,

We hope that everyone is healthy and starting to put the pieces of normality back together in their lives.  It has been a long time since we have communicated to you.  Partly because we were waiting to see what direction the Los Angeles County parks and recreation of youth sports would take.  Although it seems that restrictions are losing up, the field availability and access to track meets for youth sports are still are on the back burner.  Meaning, there are no fields to use and meets that we can verify to compete in.  Likewise, we  were attempting to have an inner or dual competition with another team in our conference, but due to the lack of field availability, we had to cancel those efforts as well.

As a result, today’s Thursday, (May 13, 2021) will be our LAST workout for this season. 


We want to congratulate all the kids for coming out and training hard as well as all the parents for supporting the Chatsworth Chiefs program.

The Chatsworth Chiefs has been around for decades.  We have seen seasons, people and years come and go… But we are STILL HERE!!!  We are still here because of the rich tradition that the Chiefs have and the loyalty, support and strong solders we stand on of our past leadership, parents and athletes.  Although this has been a non-meet year… we still have been able to stand strong.  We witnessed athletes competing in practice, learning running drills and gaining confidence as well as creating and maintain friendships.  So, even though we did not have any track meets, there were some awesome takeaways.

So… YES… the Chatsworth Chiefs will be back next year and YES, next year we will have a full season and a track to train on and teams to compete against, etc.  So… Stay Encouraged! Because that’s what the Chatsworth Chiefs Family do… endure, survive, grow and succeed!

Stay safe & stay encouraged
Chatsworth Chiefs


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